21 Bora Bora Facts That You Surely Don’t Want To Miss Out

After the pandemic wave of 2020 distorted the day to day happenings of our life, finally the things are sort of under control. At least, people today know what are they coming against and how to save themselves and others.

Implementation of strict SOP’s throughout the world has stabilized lives up to some extent. This is the reason why international traveling is allowed now in almost all nations. So, everyone who has been waiting to organize their tours are set to move forward with the necessary careful measures.

Now, the next punching question that might be striking in your mind is

“Where should I travel this year, which turn out to be a lifetime memory for me”?

Honestly speaking, this is something over which your entire experience would likely depend on. Hence, before you pick up a random destination, you just need to go through multiple places following your budget.

So, without giving a pause, let us introduce you to the land which you might have not heard about ever before. Or, even, you did, we are sure that you definitely would be unaware of 21 enticing facts about it.

It’s all about Bora Bora. Yeah! The hub of adventure, fun, scenic views, and lifetime memorable activities, and everything that you might be looking for. Let’s come on board and seek through 21 amazing facts about this Bora Bora destination which will surely blow your mind.

Now, without getting a pause, let’s start with a basic introduction of your probable destination for an adventure this season.

The world-famous island group named Bora Bora is situated in the western region of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. This is actually, a collective landmark of the French Republic in the Pacific Ocean.

The overall area covers around 30.55 km2. Bora Bora is surrounded by a lagoon and a massive barrier reef. Within the central area of this island, there are some massive remnants of an extinct form of a volcano rising at the dual peaks. These are known as Pahia and Mount Otemanu,

The island Bora Bora is considered one of the major tourist attractions. Its aqua-centric luxurious resorts have made it famous all over the globe. Mainly, the production of this island is confined to the vast treasures of the marine world along with plentiful palm trees.

From The Historical Grounds

Formerly, the island was the hub for Polynesian tribes in around the 4th century. The very first European sighting was done in 1722 by Jakob Roggeveen. Later, James Cook was the next doing same in 1769 with the help of a Tahitian navigator.

Further, the London Missionary Society in 1820 arrived at the spot and laid the foundation of a protestant church. You would be astonished to know that Bora Bora was an independent kingdom till 1888.

This was the year when their last queen Teriimaevarua III was forcibly asked to abdicate by the French personnel who landed in Bora Bora as a colony. From this year, the Bora Bora got under French rule which is continued till date.

Climatic Conditions

The climatic conditions are of significant importance when you plan for a trip. For your knowledge, Bora Bora has topical monsoon type conditions. Mostly, the island has consistent temperatures throughout the year with warm nights and hot days.

From June to October, there is a dry season but a fine precipitation range is also there. Usually, there is a rainy season from November to April. This type of climatic usually accompanies high humidity ranges as well.

Hence, you are open to plan your trip to the climate which suits you more. End of the day, the Bora Bora trip has a lot to offer you throughout your trip. So, now you can try everything which you want to live with on your vacations.

Bora Bora Climate Data


Average high °C (°F)

Average Low °C (°F)

Average Rainfall mm (Inches)

Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours

30.2 (86.4)
25.1 (77.2)
268.77 (10.58)
30.8 (87.4)
25.33 (77.5)
233.2 (9.18)
30.5 (86.9)
25.5 (77.9)
176.9 (6.96)
30.3 (86.5)
25.5 (77.9)
182.7 (7.19)
29.5 (85.1)
25.2 (77.4))
129.8 (5.11)
28.5 (83.3)
24.2 (75.6)
98.2 (3.87)
28.1 (82.6)
23.8 (74.8)
83.3 (3.28)
28.1 (82.6)
59.7 (2.35)
28.6 (83.5)
24.0 (75.2)
65.5 (2.58)
29.1 (84.4)
24.3 (75.7)
99.8 (3.93)
29.4 (84.9)
203.7 (8.02)
29.6 (85.3)
24.8 (76.6)
280.6 (11.05)
29.4 (84.9)
24.7 (76.5)
1,882.1 (74.10)

Estimation Of The Cost

Although, everyone likes to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Yet, people don’t want to become spendthrift,  Therefore, before you rush to plan your trip, you must know an estimated cost to plan the entire Bora Bora trip wisely. As we have gone through so many resources, we evaluated that the average price merely for a 7-day trip costs nearly $3,184 if you are traveling alone. For a couple, this amount would get around $ 5,715. Whereas, if you are accompanied by your family of 4 people, the Bora Bora trip will cost you $ 10,721.

The rates that Bora Bora hotels offer range from $136 to $684 for every night. Mostly the overall rental vacation costs around $120 to $800 per night for the complete home. That’s huge!

But, still, we have something more enticing to engage you here. You might be trying to get some pocket-friendly deals for the Bora Bora trip and not able to find something significant. You need not worry because we have got amazing news for you here.

The cost-effective deals can be availed during the off-season of Bora Bora that is usually between October and May. Moreover, another key is that if you want to go for bargain prices with adequate weather, try to book early dates in the summer seasons or even in November and April.

When Is The Ideal Time To Visit Bora Bora?

The perfect timing for visiting this exotic beach is November to April. This is the best time to go and enjoy this short fine season. Otherwise, it is quite humid and hot that can reach up to 85 degrees in summer. High seasons are from May to October which is led by either heavy rainfall of up to 10 inches or slightly cooler and dry months including precipitation too.

29 Bora Bora Facts- History, Information And Fun Places to Visit

As we all couldn’t disagree with the fact about how mesmerizing the Bora Bora is and what kind of beauty that place carries to its land. Bora Bora is one of the biggest entertainment centers and one of the top list places in offering tourism.

Mentioning down some of the most amazing and unheard facts about Bora Bora that we are sure you might haven’t heard before.

Historic Facts About Bora Bora

1. Volcanic Eruption

The birth of this beautiful island took place in history by the natural disaster of volcanic eruption approximately over 4 million years ago. This incident has given birth to this exotic island. Folks from Tongan island have discovered this island but before then it was deserted and bleak. These are assumed to be the first ones to step on the island after the eruption incident. During that period, the island was known to be Vava’u.

2. Pora Pora

In the Tahitian language, there’s no letter ‘B’. So before that, it was named Pora Pora. When the English pilgrims, visited this island and heard of the name they misunderstood with ‘Bora Bora’. From that day till now it is named as we all know it.

3. Captain James Cook

The island has been discovered by a lot of people Captain James cook was another person who has discovered Bora Bora island in 1769. However, this time was different, now it was marked as an existing one. James cook accidentally discovered the island when he was on a mission. That period was the start of missionaries in 1820. The major reason for that mission was to turn Polynesians into Christians.

Cool Bora Bora Fun Facts

Enough of boring historic facts of Bora Bora. Let’s directly dive into the exciting and cool fun side of the island. These facts are merely admired by a couple of tourists who comes to Bora Bora for their honeymoon.

5. Romantic Island

Bora Bora is also called a romantic island by a lot of visitors. As it has been declared as the ideal spot for couples who choose this place as their honeymoon destination. The main reason for this adoration is the unique formation of coral reef that makes into the shape of a heart. This natural creation justifies the ‘romantic island’ title of Bora Bora.

6. The Meaning of Flowers

Bora Bora another interesting fact is that everything over there has a meaning which includes flowers as well. As a receiving gesture, they welcome their tourist with flowers chain or women also placed flowers on the ears. Another traditional thing is that, if a flower is shown on a woman’s left ear this means that she has taken and loves someone in her life. On the other hand, if she wears it on her right ear this indicates the green light that anyone can approach her. 

7. Tattoos

Getting tattooed on Bora Bora can be quite strange but it has a sacred explanation. Natives of Bora Bora believe that it is the god of creation that rises from the two sons of Ta’aroa. The skin drawing also symbolizes beauty too.

8. Bora Bora in Movies

As we all cant disagree with the fact, that this place is the super-fit to cast in the film shootings. Being an exciting location for shooting the island has been featured in several movies including XXX, Island Fever, the Typhoon, Sky Pirates, and even the unreleased TV series ‘To Remain Conscious of The Kardashians.’

Bora Bora Tourism Facts

Bora Bora Tourism Facts​

9. Activities and Attractions

There are several interesting things to do on this island that we rarely imagine doing in our daily activities. Such as diving, skiing, and swimming in the depths of the tidal pond. So go through the list below down of the exciting things to do on your trip. As going to Bora Bora doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your time in your hotel rooms.

  • Bora Bora Glass Bottom Boat Tour
  • Natura Discovery Sunset 4X4 Crater Expedition
  • Natura Discovery 4X4 Cultural Island Tour
  • Shark & Ray Snorkel Safari
  • Dinner at the World-Famous Bloody Mary’s
  • Aqua Safari with Helmet
  • SnorkelingZcool
  • Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery
  • Jeep Safari and Motu Picnic Excursion
  • 1-Hour Private Water Sport-Adventure
  • Dinner on the Beach
  • Tahiti pearl market
  • Climb Mount Pahia
  • Sunset Cruise

10. Coconuts

Coconuts are one of the essential things on almost every island and at every step. These are also one of the things in the major fixings of regular Tahitian dinners if you visit where you will get to know how to open one. Coconuts also articulate the significance for locals too.

11. Animals In The Oceans

Bora Bora is abundant with a monarchy of underwater life in crystal clear oceans. The island has an amazing history of incredible living creatures in the reefs and tidal pools. Surfing or Scuba diving can be the best ways to explore underwater animals.

12. No Public Transit

Being a tourist, you’ll get to know that bora is free from public transit. Island offers great access to almost everything you want to try. You can go for short trips, which also provides the accommodation facility and ride on a raft that will take you wherever you want to go.

13. Most Stunning Beaches

Bora Bora islands mark as one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. As it ranks on the world’s 100 best beaches. Matira is one of the beaches of Bora Bora that has been on the list of top ten.

Bora Bora Food Facts

Another thing, that attracts the tourist more is its unique seafood combination that serves the best Bora Bora cuisine including the Tahitian diet on the island. Some of the Bora Bora food facts are

Bora Bora Food Facts​

14. Unique Food With Different Cultures

Bora Bora offers large diversity in the food section which has been adapted from different cultures. The island serves the food of a various number of traditions which starts from traditional South Pacific food with a stronger taste and texture to intense Franco and Japanese influence.

15. Most Of the Food Is Made In Traditional Pit Ovens

Ovens at Bora Bora are known as ahimma. These ovens are quite different from other usual ovens these are made by digging a hole in the ground and fire-heated stones are put inside the hole for burning purposes. The food is also prepared differently, as they wrap it in banana leaves and then cook it. Even though there has been a major change in Bora Bora cuisine but this Tahitian cuisine is still traditional.

Bora Bora Economy Facts

The major thing that helps Bora Bora in its currency is that it is entirely focused on tourism. Not only Bora Bora is dependent on its travel exchange earning source but its native is also dependent majorly on tourism. Because they actively took part in driving its tourism industry and earn from it too.

16. Official Currency

The currency of Bora Bora is French Pacific Franc, it is abbreviated as CFP. It is the most preferred currency on the island. However, this is directly related to the Euro at a rate of CFP 119 to one Euro. Roughly one dollar makes up to CFP 110 worth.

17. Party Spot For Celebrities And Billionaires

The reality of this exclusive island is almost known to everyone with all the luxurious that it has to offer. This makes the Bora Bora first top priority for the super-rich and wealthy people. This is another reason for generating a good amount of money.

Bora Bora Culture Facts

Bora Bora is the land of summoning up a variety of cultures in it. Once you’ll visit it, you’ll experience it by yourself too. Sharing some of the facts about it:

Bora Bora Culture Facts​

18. The Bora Bora Flag

The flag of Bora Bora is quite distinctive from the two official flags of French & French Polynesian. The flag has 5 different horizontal stripes of alternate colors between the red and white colors.

19.Main Religion Of Bora Bora

Christianity is the basic religion of Bora Bora. In the 19th century, the protestant has brought it to this island. This religion has influenced this region for a very long and still has very strong roots to date and its people.

20. Annual Festivals

Bora Bora celebrates one of the annual festivals which is very popular called as ‘Heiva festival’. It has been celebrated in July, on Vaitape. This is a colorful event that features top music and breathtaking dance performances including the beauty of pageants. Another event also takes place in July named Hawaiki Nui Canoe Race.

Facts About The People

As native people also play a crucial role in representing any place. Some interesting facts about the people of Bora Bora are:

21. Population

The group of the population that is permanent makes up to 9770 more or less. The majority of citizens live in the flat coastal region surrounding the main island of Bora Bora. Half of Vaitape ‘s population also lives there.

The Story Of Bora Bora Is Not Yet Finished

Although, you have got to know about 21 interesting Bora Bora facts, yet the story is not finished. We want to draw your attention to more fantastic happenings in Bora Bora. Maybe, this turns out to be a turning point if you are still confused about going to Bora Bora.

No Public Cemeteries Here

Island land is most precious to the native people as they bury their loved ones in their backyard. So, buying land in Bora Bora is not possible as it would mean selling their ancestors for the sake of money.

Bora Bora’s Young-ins

Another cool fact about Bora Bora is that Half Of its Population Is Under 20 Years Old which is also called youngins. Yes, we were shocked too! However, this thing is quite incredible too as it is filled with a large number of young people all day and night. These also organize exciting parties means non-stop fun on the island.

This island is filled with many hidden interesting facts. Another one is that there are no poisonous insects or insects that even exist on the land of Bora Bora. Sums up, you can enjoy every bit of staying over there without even worrying about tiny young fellas.

Cutting The Long Story Short

There’s still so much about this island and its beauty and the interesting thing still to discover. One thing that is for sure is that you will have an unforgettable experience of your life. After reading this we are pretty sure about planning to go there or at least dreaming about the most exotic place on earth.

Hope we have covered every interesting fact about this island for your better understanding. Turn your imaginary dream place into reality by visiting Bora Bora. Let yourself be lost in the beauty and charms of Bora Bora.