Accessible Hidden Abandoned Places in California

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These abandoned places and buildings in California give a haunting look at what has been dispatched from the past. From a lost water park to an abandoned town that was once a waterfront resort, you will be excited by the sad remains.

Are you ready for a look at floating Abandoned Places figures? 

These places will give you the paranormal adrenaline hurry you covet.


1. Where scrapped aircraft go to die. More than 1,000 business airliners are housed at the Mojave airport.

Scrapped Aircraft


2. Recent LA Zoo established in Griffith Park. The constructions and animal coops have been left back and settle in their original place.

LA Zoo


3. An old abandoned factory in the city of Cima in the Mojave Desert.

old abandoned building


4. Abandoned building on Bombay Beach destroyed from years of salt danger.

Abandoned structure


5. The remains of a recent dairyland run by the Camarillo State Mental Hospital that was utilized as a site to help sufferers gain work practice. It was abandoned in 1960. It’s been nicknamed “The Scary Dairy.”

former dairy farm


6. An abandoned boat attached in the ground of this ancient refuge zone near the Salton Sea that is now a devil town due to the lake conditions.

abandoned boat stuck


7. The previous site of the Lake Delores Water Park in Newberry Springs finished in the late 80s. It later shifted Rock-a-Hoola Water Park which also failed. This is all that survives since its abandonment.

Lake Delores Water Park


8. The rusted remains of a sinking near Palos Verdes that occurred back in 1961 transmits its mark on the rocks and dust.

rusted remnant of a shipwreck


People question me usually how I get those abandoned places. Here is a brief how-to that can support you to discover your first abandoned place.

  1. Google Search:  Simply touch-type in “abandoned places” and hunt. Also try other words or other research words like urbex, pariah, mold, etc.
  2. Google Maps/Earth: Only travel the digital society and watch for an old warehouse near railroad tracks or floods. Watch for leaks in tents and switch to street-view if possible.
  3. Newspapers: Review your (local) newspaper and examine for places. You be amazed at how many abandoned houses there are in your neighborhood. Use a translator for irrelevant newspapers to get some places close to your holiday spot.

How to Overcome Abandonment Issues?

Primary treatments

  1. Mindfulness: Being careful is important because it encourages people not to over-identify with their ideas and attitudes in ways that enable them to get taken away. 
  2. Common humanity:  If people can consistently retain that they are not singly and that they are trustworthy, they can support themselves avoid thinking that wild and wrong information, informing them that they will be abandoned or that they’re rejected.
  3. Self-kindness: This introduces to the concept that souls should be helpful, as faced to judgmental, moving themselves. This seems simple in opinion but is very more complicated in usage. The more humans can have a friendly, trusting posture toward themselves and their efforts, the more powerful they’ll seem in the face of tough times. We can all be a more reliable friend to ourselves, even if we know suffering or abandoned by someone else. 

It’s difficult to understand that these Abandoned places were one living and growing. Do you have either loving memories of these places or National Parks in California? We’d love to acknowledge in the comments so please take a minute to share.