Best Places To Paddle Board East Coast

Best Places To Paddle Board East Coast

As stand up paddleboard (SUP) has become one of the most desired activities in recent years and has become one of the most popular water creation activities worldwide. So, SUP is for everyone no matter at what age group you belong to is like you can go in calm water or in the ocean you can reach to the waves.

As we see, paddleboards are of different types. They used for practicing various activities like you can do yoga and other fitness activities with paddleboards to keep yourself maintain and relax on the surface of the water. Further, it can also use in fishing, there are tourist paddleboards too, which specially designed for the tourist through which tourists can quickly move faster in the water than the other Paddleboards. So, whatever your plans are, having the right control is a pleasure for your adventure. There are many fantastic places to paddleboard around the globe including U.S.A. Most popular destinations In U.S.A are East Coast and Houston

Here, are some of the fantastic paddleboarding  destinations In East Coast you want to explore if you love paddle boards

There’s no superior choice for stand up paddleboarding than Washington, DC. It is considered the best place to learn and practice paddleboarding, especially for beginners, because there you can use paddleboard on flat water and swift-water. It is the easiest way to explore or see Washington through the waterways. Even Washington’s includes different spots for paddleboarding like

Potomac River, Georgetown

• Georgetown

Georgetown is known for its historical and iconic neighborhoods. So this place would highly recommend for those interested in historical sites, rowhouses, and industrial-type buildings that you can explore through paddle boarding, which makes your day fabulous and authentic fun in the water. Further Potomac River near Georgetown is the leading place for beginners to board there on a flat water surface.

• The Wharf

Wharf is known as a waterfront city of Washington, DC, in the southwest. The pier offers travelers a complete water adventure activities in one destination, so this place is for marina lovers. The spring season of cherry blossom is highly recommended to the paddle riders to explore the Navy Yards, museums, and high-class restaurants to explore the fantastic city with.

• Navy Yard

Navy Yard is the oldest city in Washington, DC; the U.S. Navy establishes that. according to travelers,

Yard Park is considered a beautiful destination to spend your quality time there and do such outdoor and water activities like paddleboard activities with a hand full of ice creams to make a day bright and a cold refreshing day. This place is for those paddle riders interested in exploring the navy areas through the water.

Well, there are so many other places in Washington for paddling throughout the year, but the destinations, as mentioned earlier, of Washington, DC, as are the best for the paddleboarding at any time of the season.

2. Mount Desert Island, Maine

Mount Desert Island comes under the list of “The eight wonders of the world.” So, if you are looking for a perfect place for a family adventure, you should go there for paddleboarding in summers. This island is fully top up with different colors of rocky coastline, ocean, mountains, forest, Atlantic Ocean, and many other things to explore. From the sports point of view, there are many sports which keep you a working example: fishing, boating, rock climbing, hiking, and more.

Casco Bay, Portland

• Casco Bay, Portland

Maine Casco Day is for those who want to explore and get to know this place deeply. Casco Bay provides its travelers a ferry based system to travel or explore the island of Casco Bay from Portland, and they are providing this service from around 150 years. There are many places to paddleboard along the shoreline of Casco Bay, but Portland is famous for a paddleboard. It is convenient to hire a board from Portland paddle to paddle all over the Portland waterfront.

• Tricky Pound

The highest and most magnificent lake in southern marine is Sebago Lake. The water of this lake is usually bumpy, blustery, and cramped, which is considered quite a good ocean for paddleboarding. There is a Tricky pond that is peaceful, secured, and the water is so clean just after Sebago Lake. The tricky pound is around 311 acres.

3. Key West, Florida

Key West is an island of state Florida, an island of ice melting that attracts the visitors to visit, spend their vacation, and convinces them to stay in Key West. The country is best known for its marine or water life, with the clean deep blue sea that makes the best place paddle boarding the thing which you have to remember is to keep in your pocket is just sunblock to protect your skin from the sun harsh rays and then with no worries enjoy your boarding in green clear-clean water.

The United States is the southernmost city of the Key West, and the island is associate with the westernmost high way of the Florida Keys, which visitors can explore and quickly with the paddleboard. Some of the idle destinations to explore through paddleboarding are;

Higgs Beach

• Higgs Beach

Higgs Beach is the city of Florida, covered a street with an ocean – blue water and a sand beach which attracts the tourists or visitors towards it that amazed the visitors by its amazing view of the sunset, which located at The Reynolds Street end. The name also knew it by Memorial Beach Park.

It is covered 16.5 acres of the ocean—Higgs Beach Park, known for the most famous beach in Florida. The beach attracts visitors by giving them a mixture of activities within the Park. For example, Maine water, Paddleboarding, and a delighted cafe attract people with a fantastic view of the beach, Sun-rising, Sun-bathing, Volleyball, Tennis, and many others.

• Fort Zachary Taylor

Exploring Fort Zachary will provide you a natural or an oceanic environment and enriches you to get involved in the history of the U.S. Fort Zachary delivers all of the paddleboard facilities in which a person demands. Its destination in Key West is convenient to reach for all the people around there. This place is firmly for those people who have their interest in a historical place to visit. It also provides facilities for picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. Further, it includes ground-level areas of the Taylor, Cafes, Wheelchair that is free of cost, party equipment also provided like table and grills for those visitors who want to do parties or picnic in Taylor Fort.

4. Delaware - Seashore State Park, Delaware

Stand up paddleboarding is now becoming one of the best activities and getting popularity in Delaware and other states Beaches. Delaware offers visitors paddleboarding and teaches the visitors about stand-up paddling from the basics, ensuring safety, and guiding them with the paddling skills.

Delaware, gaining popularity day by day that surpassed the Kayaking or Key West in paddleboarding. The reason is that Delaware is considered very reasonable or affordable in price. People first find Delaware for paddleboarding, not only in rats but also in adopting new innovative ideas like Riders can explore inland waterways with spectacular plants and animal life. Which attracts those people who have an interest in Nature, and that was even good for their health as well that provide a green, healthy environment.

The Delaware seashores state park located close by Dewy Beach, which is covered by the Atlantic Ocean in the east direction, and the Rehoboth Bay covers west direction. More than million of travelers are attracted to Delaware and come for Water-related activities. This Park established in 1965, which included an area of 2,825 acres.

The parks also allowed pets, which is the most important factor that attracts travelers towards them. Still, Delaware Seashore law and order authorities prohibited the pets from all of the water-related activities.

5. Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Wrightsville Beaches are primarily known for their way of living and their interest for many Ocean related activities. There is no regret to consider Wrightsville as the best beach in North Carolina. It is a crystal blue lake that attracts travelers to visit Wrightsville for pedaling. Travelers also get involved in paddleboard competition. For kids, they provide kids-events; for instance, pirate led treasure and camp pings. It is such a place where a person or its family cannot get bored.

Travelers can also enjoy Wrightsville outdoor practices like shopping, can take classes, workshops, can visit parks and Nature, visit great lifestyle Restaurants, Museums and can enjoy night lifestyle in clubs. Instead of these travelers loved and got attracted to the ocean’s activities like Beachcombing, surfing, sunbathing, Kayaking, and an essential thing that you are looking for paddleboarding, so these are the activities you can to spend your day and make it a memorable one on a relaxing gateway.

• Cape Fear River Adventure

Cape Fear adventure park, located in Wrightsville Beach.which, which offers paddleboarding lessons, tours, and physical fitness classes and also offers riders with Rental services. So, travelers can choose the board according to their preference for 1 hour or a day to spend time in flat water. The best season to visit Cape Fear is mid-summer, which allows the waves to flow slowly and make it easy for paddlers to paddle up and down in the ocean quickly.

Cape Fear learning classes for paddleboarding teaches step to step patterns to paddleboard. That you can enhance your skills and get them to develop more, they also give etiquette in surfing and Kayaking along with tricky tricks which help in riding in waves and other things you can learn over there is doing paddling along with the exercise. It is the main element that attracts the travelers to get themselves enroll with Cape Fear because every I wants A fit healthy body -that is the best fashion statement, ” a famous quote by Jess C Scott. So, Cape Fear is providing you a platform where you can get fit without a gym.

Key Take-Aways

It rightly said that paddleboarding is getting such popularities in this current era. The most comfortable way you can explore the water life so smoothly along with the otters, critters, birds, and dolphins. The person who wants to do paddleboarding for the first time can quickly become aware of their new passion for how much he likes the water life and whether he or she will continue this passion. For the beginners, a short learning curve board is there for them that provides them a flat surface to do stand up paddleboard.

There are an advantage and disadvantage for everything in this universe, so for paddleboarding, there are too:

When we talk about its advantages so;

  • It helps in making your cardio system better, and that’s a sporty workout.
  • Every person has some issues in their life, and because of that, there they get stressed, and paddleboarding reduces your stress and provides enjoyment in natural water.
  • It also helps in maintaining your body physique by losing your overloaded calories.

Simultaneously, when we talk about their disadvantage or danger, so;

  • It can be risky in the case like if you don’t know how to swim and how to stand on the board.
  • Sometimes, it can also become dangerous not by your fault but because of the rocky and harsh windy environment.
  • It is also dangerous that if you are new to paddleboard and you start boarding alone.