17 Best Thai Food In Austin

Full of Thai flavor: rich, spicy, sweet, and rich flavor. If you like it, this Southeast Asian country/region will provide coconut paste curry, spicy meat and vegetables, noodles to your satisfaction, and high-quality Thai-style pho. Add glutinous rice dessert and Thai iced tea, and you have done.

TheEater’s guide to Austin’s is the best Thai restaurant destination. From home staples like Titaya’s Thai Cuisine and Thai Fresh to casual restaurants like Mam Mam’s and Sap’s to determining Thai food trucks like Dee Dee and the new Soursop, there are many clumsy names. Some attractions stick to traditional Thai cuisine, while others add heat to Texas.

Therefore, I have researched crowdsourcing with my Austin Gourmand companions and made a good attempt on this list. See beneath for my listing of the lovely Thai eating places in Austin! For more Asian cuisine, check Eater’s map to find the best restaurants for South Asian and Chinese.

888 Pan Asian is gr888. In general, extensive menus can be a warning sign of a tasteless mass appeal. However, 888 Pan Asian rightfully brings together a multitude of regional cuisines, including Thai cuisine.

This laid-back South Austin classic has always packed with people, but the wait passes quickly, and there’s a lively atmosphere that’s well-suited for groups. Whether you want noodles, curry, or sticky mango rice, Pan Asia’s full menu will have something that you can’t stop yourself look. Please make sure you are hungry as they don’t skimp on portions.

2. Thai Kitchen

This cafe is a reliable, sturdy neighborhood restaurant open until late, just north of the UT campus. Thai Kitchen can cook classic curries and noodles very well, and everyone here has them (their Pad Thai is excellent and can cook almost any vegetarian food). The decor is impressive, and the outdoor terrace is a pleasant time to spend time waiting for dinner.

If you are adventurous, you can order a spicy specialty they funny named, such as Tears but Joy (shrimp and vegetable curry) or Nuclear Fishin (very spicy steamed fish in a clay pot). If you cannot choose between noodles or curry, please order an Indian noodle soup.

3. Titaya's Thai Cuisine

Titaya's Thai Cuisine​

Titaya’s classic is for a reason. The interior is modern and stylish, with private low lighting and sleek wooden stools. It is conveniently located on one of Austin’s central arteries, in North Lamar, next to the Half Price Book. The menu is creamy and delicious, and there is a fantastic dessert area. Make sure to try Mom’s fish cakes as an appetizer.

The dipping sauce’s simplicity perfectly blends sweet, spicy, and thick soup, highlighting the kitchen’s ribs.Titaya’s Thai Cuisine Locates at North Lamar Blvd Street near Half Price Book in Austin. Lamar Street is famous for offering classical Thai dishes with a blend of Asian style dishes.

The environment of this café is elegant and modern, benches and tables are in wooden style, and the lighting of this café is ultimately low and dim, creating a peaceful environment here. The menu of Titaya contains a lot of desert varieties.

4. Dee Dee's Thai Cuisine

Dee Dee’s North Thai food draws all hipsters to the backyard – this epic East 6th food truck just moved into Radio Coffee & Beer. Chef Lakana Trubiana prepares award-winning salads of spicy pork and grated papaya.

Our only complaint about this delicious Thai food is that the few vegetarian options pale compared to the variety of pork dishes on the limited menu. The seasonal mango sticky rice is to die for (Do yourself a favor and order sticky mango rice at any of these restaurants …)

5. Sway Thai

Sway exhibits a strong concept of “modern Thai” that manifests itself in both the branding and the interior design and the menu. There are three locations – the Westlake direction offers the best views, though the South 1st flagship is hard to beat. Sway’s menu lends itself well to choosing multiple dishes and sharing.

The food is spicy and flavorful, with the right amount of veggies to balance out the heavier meats. This place is an enchanting place to take guests (if you bring your in-laws, you can order the “Son-in-law,” a plate of braised pork covered in tender chili with a Scotch egg).

Sway menu describes a Thai style. Sway’s two locations (a location on First St and a new site on Domain NORTHSIDE) provide beautifully designed spaces with community seating and are among Austin’s most attractive food choices. The focus is on sharable plates, such as XO mussels with bacon and lemongrass, blue crab fried rice, and tiger scream.

6. Thai Kun

The Thai Kun food truck in Whisler’s courtyard is already known for its good Thai food and good bar food. The car won stomachs and hearts with spicy, fatty, and flavorful dishes like cascade pork and double-cooked cabbage.

Better yet, the brick and mortar location in the Dominion has even more words, and they’re delicious too! Invite the bar team to dinner so you can sample many dishes. We recommend the profoundly flavorful and satisfying eggplant and larb, which balances Thai flavors with grace and whimsy.

7. Madam Mam's & Sap's

These restaurants have been listed together as they have a shared history! Sap Apisaksari named a restaurant after his wife, Chatfuang Mam, as a wedding gift. The couple opened two more locations together but eventually divorced. After the split, Madam Mam kept her restaurant at UT Drag (which has since moved to a larger space around the corner), and Apisaksari renamed the location from Westgate to Saps. These two institutions in the Austin chain are worth a visit. The atmosphere is charming, and the offerings range from a regional niche to more standard Thai dishes at reasonable prices, with plenty of good vegetarian options to start.

8. Coat & Thai

Thai noodles at their best served in hot aluminum foil wrappers with sticky, delightful goodness. The best part is you can enjoy your meal on your way to Zilker! Tofu Pad Thai is this freelancer favorite on the menu – Coat & Thai has taken the sacred sweet/spicy/salty trifecta seriously in the sauce. And the tofu is moist and tasty – but if you feel low carb, Pad -Sos Peanut is a delicious version of the sauce with the additional proteins with green beans.

9. Thai Fresh

Half a cafe and half an art gallery, Thai Fresh embodies the cold of South Austin. Since there is no tipping policy, the price is high, but although the restaurant may be casual, all the food is carefully considered and carefully prepared. After a busy day, we are hungry.

Tom Kha soup is an ideal filling for appetizers, yet full of flavor. Because the restaurant emphasizes seasonal and local ingredients, every meal is super fresh.

Thai Fresh is a restaurant, café, and bakery that focus on local, sustainable ingredients. The comfortable South Austin spot gives usual Thai dishes and self-made vegan and gluten-free desserts. The small market additionally sells hard-to-find Thai ingredients.

10. Soursop

Austin’s Thai newcomers can found at St. Elmo, the city’s newest craft brewery. The truck mixes traditional Thai food with the torch of Texas. Soursop offers brunch and dinner, and its menu includes dishes such as omelet rice and Fitting dishes, including herb-flavored French fries and fudge sauce and cheese curd.

11. Tuk Tuk Thai Café

Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe is famous for its delicious cuisine, first-class service, and friendly staff. All dishes are produced to order, using fresh ingredients, and supported by three generations of experience. Check out the chef’s specialties for lunch on weekdays.

12. Dee Dee

Dee Dee interprets it as “good, good,” which is precisely what the East Side Food Truck is under the helm of Lakana Trubiana. The quick but sturdy menu contains specialties. Test moo ping (Thai pork skewers) to see if mangoes are suitable for seasonal desserts.

The food truck on Cesar Chavez is serving some of the most special Thai meals in the city, focusing on meals on the northern streets that exit from rural Thailand’s coronary artery center. The crowd’s favorites are Om Gai (direct natural poultry with sticky rice), Som Tom (fresh papaya salad), and mango with sticky rice. The BYOB venue also provides plenty of outdoor seating.

13. Sap's Fine Thai Cuisine

Sap’s Fine Thai cuisine offers a wide variety of menus, including curries, noodles, soups, and very spicy coffee beans. South Austin people can go to Simon, and North Austin people can go to Burnett Road. After coming into Sap’s, the first element you will note is the giant and bright umbrellas overlaying the ceiling and enough space.

The surroundings of Sap’s fine Thai cuisine is informal and appropriate for households (Sap’s can share most of the orders), and the menu will fulfill both vegetarians and meat lovers.

14. Little Thai Food

Despite its small size and name, the trailer for “First Meal in the South” provides a rich menu that makes the dishes full of flavor. Enjoy Thai Fried Pho, Tom Khan, Deep Fried and other essential dishes

This little Thai restaurant provides its customers with a free parking facility, You can also have Gluten-free foods, and It’s a kid-friendly and vegetarian open restaurant.

15. Mai Thai Restaurant

Sandwiched between Max and Piranha Killer Sushi, you will find a bland popular Thai snack that serves classic dishes such as Pla Lard Prik (Fried Whole Fish) and Pad Ped, as well as various seasoned pink curries. Stop for a half-price appetizer lunch to experience the unique flavor for $9, or a total happy hour from 3 pm to 7 pm.

You can also find here bars full of alcohol, wine, and beer. 

Mai Thai facilitates their customers with making reservations for any event or party, providing outdoor facility, takeout, providing a wheelchair for disabled people so they can also come to their outlet. They offer a peaceful and delighted environment with a live music system, most notably giving access to free Wifi.

16. The Lucky Belly

The immigrant and tourist to South Austin, lucky belly offer them Western-style lamb, pineapple fried rice, and massaman curry at Jungle Food Trailer Park. Although the restaurant has a reputation for Thai cuisine, which makes it unique is the staff’s dedication to community activities.

There are regular live music performances and movie nights. This BYOB venue is a must-see. The lucky belly is serving their customer fairly, providing them with delicious foods and a peaceful environment. They will remind you of the complete taste and atmosphere of Thailand.

17. Wat Zab

It appears that meals vehicles are occupying the entire country… Wat Zab first made its debut in San Marcos and now has a foothold in the meals trailer park on Burnet Road, presenting them spicy curry and Pad Kee Mars.

And Wat Zab has not irritated about the idea of a copy by other food brands—considering its funky graffiti. This truck may also seem like it belongs to Austin; however, when we say meals come without Bangkok delay, please have confidence in us. The menu includes pineapple rice fried, eggs rolls, noddles, and curry.


If you are looking out for proper Thai ingredients in Austin, Texas, you have come to a suitable place. Whether you’re looking for northern Thai ingredients or a fusion of Asian and Chinese flavors, these Austin eateries can serve the Pacific side’s tastiest Thai ingredients. From ingesting motors in East Austin to authentic eateries in South Austin, you will be amazed by the aid of the capacity of the assistance of Thai foods in this eclectic city. Eat or snatch one of these immoderate fantastic Thai ingredients in Austin. You can inform us about khàawpkhun later.

Austin is a place Full of Thai flavor: creamy, spicy, candy, and rich flavor. If you like it, this Southeast Asian country/region will sure be the best trip for you, especially in food terms. Supply tourists with their coconut paste curry, spicy meat and vegetables, noodles to your satisfaction, and excellent Thai-style pho. Add glutinous rice dessert and Thai iced tea, and you for sure like all of the places mentioned earlier.