Place To Go For Standup Paddle Boarding Houston

Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States. With a population of around 2,320,268 in 2019. Houston goes by many nicknames, like Space City or Bayou City. Well, this place is known for so many fun doing activities, but this place is considered not as best as Hawaii when it comes to paddle boarding. Hawaii is where paddle boarding first started, or it not wrong if we say that Hawaii introduces the concept of Paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding is an activity that has become very popular these days. As well as, it becomes one of the best water creations activity worldwide. There is no better choice to see the god creation of wonders than from the crystal blue clean ocean on a standup paddle board precisely when it’s sit closed by brassica, bushes, snow-covered mountains, beautiful sky, and artifacts.

Although, this beautiful city has many unique places that attract tourists to do Paddle ride here. Moreover, Peoples around the globe, engaging themself to be a part of this activity. And this city gives you some fantastic spots to do this water activity and make your trip an amazing one. Standup paddle boarding starts in the 1940s in Waikiki by John Ah Choy.

Here are some of the best spots where you can do paddle boarding in Houston.

Buffalo Bayou is a sea spot, which is famous for Paddle Boarding in Houston. And this fantastic place is 26 miles long with a lot of activities to do. Buffalo Bayou brings you close to nature, this place is mainly for outdoor lovers.

Starting from the west sector of Houston and to downtown Houston, all of the waterways have various sectors to start up your Paddle boarding. These waterways run across the main places of this city. That also helps the riders to learn more about this city culture and traditions. As it’s up to you which spot feels right for you, you can start from that spot.

Don’t be sad, if you don’t have standup paddle boards (SUP), you can also rent boards from the Bayou city Adventure at affordable rates. They rent you for an hour or a whole complete day too. Along with that, they also give a paddling lesson and guide. For beginners, they need to know that Bayou is a one-way channel before planning a trip to head out there.

They also host an annual Buffalo Bayou partnership Regatta every year. This yearly festival brings several paddlers to participate in this yearly function to enroll them in paddle boarding.

Address: 3422 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 7701

2. Lake 288

Situated south of the city of Houston, this lake is small as compare to Buffalo Bayou. But, the main attracting thing about this lake is its clear blue water with tranquil surroundings.

This spot is famous for athletic swimmers, and this place gives a peaceful vibe to Paddle boarders. If you want a friendly, clean, and relaxed environment, this spot will suit you.

Here you can also meet with other people to hang out, or with them, you can also make groups that for sure, enhance your paddling skills and fun levels. Lake 288 offers their paddle rides, nature hikes, yoga on Paddle boards, and self-defense workshop.

You can also rent stand up paddle boards here, which cost you around 15 dollars per hour. And there is an entering fee to enter in Lake 288, which cost per person around 15 dollars in a day.

 Address: 4800 Schurmier Rd, Houston, TX 77048

3. Lake Conroe

From the last century, Lake Conroe in Houston was observed with an increase in growth and transformation. The community of Lake Conroe offers the tourist the finest Gulf courses, tennis facilities, and water sports activities, for instance, marinas, boat launching, and paddle boarding. 

Along with that Lake, Conroe reserved the water supply for the city of Houston. As its water is clean and clear, helping Houston in boating, hunting, golfing, jet skiing, paddling, water skiing, pleasure boating, and many other water creation activities.

Lake Conroe is an epic place to get away from the downtown areas and escape or sink in the water to get sunbathing. This place is not up to Houston’s limits, but this place is mostly preferred by the Houston local peoples who live there.

Lake Conroe

It would help if you kept in your bags sunscreens and hats as this place is not much covered with shades. While paddling here in Lake Conroe, you should keep yourself aware mostly in cram days. Just keep yourself safe from the motorboats and jet skis as these rides are often more speedy than paddling, so be careful.

Address: 12947 Lake Conroe Hills Dr. Suite B, Willis, TX 77318

4. The Woodlands

The woodlands is the state of Texas in Houston fully census-designed place. And it noted that their population is also increased in 2000 from 55,649 censuses. The woodlands is around 28 miles, which is 45km from north Houston.

This spot is an urban setting; that is why it attracts so many paddle boarders towards its. It’s situated and surrounded by various tributaries and waterways and a large lake suitable for you to Paddle board here.

Woodlands also provide parking facilities and docks, and those paddlers who don’t bring their board’s woodlands rent them their boards. As its name tells you more about this place, it is full of parks, green areas, neighbors, and it covered mostly wooden areas.

The Woodlands

There is one more reason to visit this place. That if you are already late at night having with your paddle boarding ride, you can surely go for the night concert near the woodlands at Mitchell Pavilion. Woodlands is also famous for making new friends while paddling.

If you are with someone who doesn’t like paddling, then he/she can also enjoy woodlands as they have family-friendly grounds, shops, and restaurants out there.

 Address: 2101 Riva Row, The Woodlands, TX 77380

5. Kemah Boardwalk

It is considered one of the famous Boardwalk in the United States. Kemah Boardwalk has more than ten restaurants.

Further, they Have different water activities, midway games, rides, hotels, and several shops. And there is no cost walking on the Kemah boardwalk. This place is functioned by Landry’s, Inc.

Kemah Boardwalk

On the eastern side of Houston, Kemah is located. Houston people preferred this spot to enjoy their quality time with friends or family having meals and viewing the sunset over the water. And the main thing about Kemah is their paddle boarding. Paddling along various bays and exploring them is the best specialty of this dream paradise for paddlers. 

You can rent up stand-up paddle boards from a kayak shack at the cost of 25 dollars for an hour. You can also learn and take classes from the paddle experts to increase your paddling skills and guide your tour experience. Two of the tours are considered best at this place one is Friday night fireworks, and the second is their sunset tour.

Address: 622 Marina Bay Dr, Kemah, TX 77565

6. San Marcos River

The history and name of this River are unclear; from the records, it is assumed that Alonso de León’s has discovered this River in 1689. The San Marcos River hosts many events all over the year beside this River and is also active in sports; one of the most water sports that is played here is paddle boarding.

San Marcos River’s waterway is considered one of Texan’s most treasured locations, probably the most adventurous and the cracking River. The San Marcos River has so many different routes and cuts, making the paddle boarder sharper. Turn the board anywhere and a few small rapids to test out your SUP balance skill.


San Marcos River is considered one of the best rivers for paddle boarding in the daytime. It is regarded as dangerous for paddle boarding at night because of its routes and rocky behavior. The clear water makes these adventures more special.

7. Galveston Island

Galveston Island is ranked under ten beautiful islands. This island’s size is 548.4 km², which is a relatively big place for paddle boarders to enjoy in the arms of Galveston Island. The beautiful thing about this island is that anyone can make Paddle board here because it is not as dangerous.

Three trails are varying in length from 3 to 5 miles long. This place is considered the diamond place for paddle boarder because of the beautiful view and the water’s calmness.

Galveston Island

Galveston Island is the only island in the Huston where Paddle board can be done. The main thing that is useful for our readers is that you have to bring your gear and accessories; there are no rentals. However, the state park is a well-known paddling spot, and sometimes kayakers join the sport.

8. Seabrook

Seabrook is just the corner of NASA; it is an excellent paddle boarding place. Hit the waters and have fun for hours. One of Seabrook’s best things is that rentals are available there, and you can take all the accessories from there.

Seabrook is not far from KEMAH. Seabrook lies in one of the best area known as Taylor Lake. You can take a paddle board from Pinky’sPinky’s kayak Rentals. The rents of the Paddle board for 1 hour are 25$, and the cost gets lesser as the hour’s pass.


In short, Seabrook is the complete package for paddle boarders because of the surrounding areas and rentals shops. Pinky also provides you the Yoga SUP and the guide; if you want to do something new, the focus will help you make your trip smooth and adventurous.

9. Lake Houston

Suppose you are looking for a calm and peaceful place for standup paddle boarding, then you are absolutely at the right place. The city of Houston has Lake Houston for the paddle boarder to enjoy. The water of Houston lake is, however, not suitable for the swimmers but fantastic for paddle boarding.

In particular, River Grove Park is a great place to start your paddling session. Make sure you head to the island area for an even better experience. The rentals cannot come to this lake with full accessories and enjoy without any rent or charges.

River Grove Park

Lake Houston is just 20 miles from Houston. Lake Houston covers Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Summer Creek, and portions of East Montgomery County. In particular, River Grove Park is a great place to start your paddling session. Make sure you head to the island area for an even better experience.

Many fishes are available in this lake, including catfish, largemouth bass, white crappie, and bluegill. Lake Houston Park also provides you the facility for camping and hiking. It’s best to paddle along the trails, especially for newbies, as the waters here are closer to the bay and much calmer.

Lake Houston


No matter whenever you plan paddle boarding, make Houston one of your option. Don’t be afraid if you are new to paddle boards or a beginner. This city gives you various unique spots where you can learn and ride easily, even in fun.

In the above mentioned destinations, here you can also create communities and grouping system through that which helps you in making new friends from different countries and help in making plans with them to your next trip for paddle board destinations. And who knows, from that, you will find out the future soul mate of your life! Through friends, you can also learn new skills and a lesson about paddle boards that suit you the most to understand it better. It has proven that 15 minutes a day, paddling helps your heart system work better and healthy. It also enables you to explore the countries worldwide and quickly examine the world’s best creation or water life through Paddle boarding.