Short Travel Quotes

In Travel Quotes we describe feelings, emotions and memories. Some master them so skillfully that they make them survive the illusion and believe in things that seemed impossible.

‘Never go on a journey with someone you don’t love.’ Ernest Hemingway

‘The ship is safe in the harbor, but it is not something for which ships are made.’ John A. Shedd

‘A good traveler has no plans for a passenger, and does not plan to arrive.’ لاؤ زو

Short Travel Quote

Tours take people. ‘John Steinbeck

As tourists, our happiest moments are when we stumble upon something else. Lawrence Block

Our torn suit cases again piled on the sidewalk. We had more long ways to go. But no matter, the road is life. ‘Jack Kerouac

“We don’t start looking for ourselves until we lose.” Henry David Thoreau

‘Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I can remember, and I remember more than what I have seen.’ Benjamin Disraeli

‘Don’t tell me how well educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.’ Muhammad


‘A man travels all over the world in search of his need and comes back home to find him.’ George Moore

‘What is gold does not shine. Just like everyone who walks around, they are not lost. ‘JRR Tolkien

‘Travel is the thing you can buy that makes you richer.’ Author unknown

‘I never travel without my diary. There should always be something exciting to read on the train. ‘Oscar Wilde

“If you refuse food, ignore customs, fear religion and avoid people, it is better for you to stay home.” James McNair

‘Travel makes the wise better and the fool’s worse.’ Thomas Fuller

“When I am abroad, I hate feeling at home.” George Bernard Shaw

“There are secret travel destinations for which the traveler is unaware.” Martin Barber

“To speak a foreign language means to conquer its world and culture” – Franz Fanon.

“Look at the world. He is far more amazing than dreams. ”- Ray Bradberry

“The road is best measured not in miles, but in friends” – Tim Cahill.

“Traveling makes you speechless, and then turns you into a better storyteller” – Ibn Battuta.

“How I love to feel faceless in a city where I’ve never been before” – Bill Bryson.

“Never be afraid to leave the seas, borders, countries and thoughts” – Amin Maaluf.

Short Travel Quotes

Short Travel Quotes is our collection.

He lives in a tent, smokes a pipe, and plays the harmonica. He does not recognize any restrictions: he does not like the watchmen of parks who put prohibitive signs and fences. Snusmumrik, much more like free-growing plants than those that are planted in lawns and hedges. ” (c) Tove Janson Mummy Troll

A man traveling a lot looks like a stone carried by water for many hundreds of miles: its roughness is smoothed out, and everything in it takes on soft rounded shapes. (c) E. Reclus

Travel Quote

‘Paris is always a good idea.’ Audrey Hepburn

‘Once a year, go somewhere I’ve never been.’ The Dalai Lama

“Nothing develops the mind like travel” – Emil Zola.

“Traveling is a must for those who study,” Mark Twain.

“Investing in travel is investing in yourself” – Matthew Carsten.

“Life is either a desperate adventure or nothing.” – Hellen Keller

‘It’s better to travel than to come.’ Wednesday

“Traveling means developing” – Pierre Bernando.

“Oh, all the places you will visit!” – dr. Seuss

“Take only memories, leave only traces” – Chief Seattle

“Traveling means living” – Hans Christian Andersen

“The adventure is worth it” – Aristotle.

“Traveling Teaches Tolerance” – Benjamin Disraeli

“He who lives sees a lot. He who travels sees more. ”- Arab proverb.


Funny Travel Quotes

Funny Travel Quotes – When someone said: “I am delighted with places I have never been to, and people I have never seen.” And this is true: we are attracted by unexplored lands and we hope that we will certainly like it there. But, as the experience of many travelers shows, it happens in different ways.

I became convinced that there is no better way to check whether you love people or hate them than to go on a trip with them” – Mark Twain

funny Travel Quotes

“If you look the same as in the photo in your passport, then you are too sick to travel” – Will Commen

“Going on a trip, lay out all your clothes and all the money. Then take half the clothes and twice as much money ” – Susanne Heller

“Traveling is a small life, and anything can happen. Sometimes unpredictable, sometimes unpleasant, and sometimes very funny. ”

“Kilometers shorter than miles. Save gas – drive kilometers next time ” – George Carlin

“Adventure. Perhaps this is what a trip should be called when everyone returns alive ”  – Mercedes Footman

“I was in almost as many places as my suitcase” – Bob Hope

“There are only two classes of travel – the first and with the children” – Robert Benchley

“If you knocked someone down in Spain, pretend that a herd of bulls is chasing you” – Guy Endor Kaiser

“Leaving New York, you wonder how pure the rest of the world is” – Fran Lebovitz

“Lord, these French! They have their own names for everything in the world. ” – Steve Martin

“I recently argued with one of my friends from the UK about what tastes better: English or dirt.” – Bruce Cameron

“If three New Yorkers get into a taxi without arguing, you should know that a bank was robbed somewhere nearby” – Phyllis Diller

funny Travel Quotes

“Finding a taxi in Texas is the same as finding a rabbi in Iraq” – Fran Lebovitz

“I told the doctor that I broke my leg in two places. And he advised me not to go to this place anymore ” – Henry Youngman

“Life on Earth is expensive, but it includes an annual journey around the Sun” – author unknown

“Why do the people you ask you to take a picture behave as if you were giving them a bomb instead of a camera?” – Dane Cook

“Do not worry that today the end of the world will come. Australia has arrived tomorrow ” – Charles Monroe Schulz

“The coolest thing in celebrity life is the ability to travel. I always dreamed of flying somewhere over the seas. To Canada, for example ” – Britney Spears

“If you think traveling is dangerous, try a routine – it is deadly” – Paulo Coelho


Time Travel Quotes

Time Travel Quotes Collections:

“Traveling is flirting with life. It’s like saying: “I would like to stay with you, I would like to love you, but I need to go out, this is my stop.” – Lisa Saint-Aubin-de-Teran

Time Travel Quote

“Traveling is like marriage. The main misconception is to think that they are under your control. ” – John Steinbeck

“We can die of boredom, we can die from a binge, and we can … allow ourselves a bit of adventure.” – Terry Darlington

“The ideal is to feel at home anywhere, generally everywhere.” – Jeff Dyer

“The entrance to the Underworld is in Los Angeles.” – Rick Riordan

“I am leaving with him in an unfamiliar country, where I will have no past, no name, and where I can be born again with a new face and unbroken heart.” – Collette

Travel Quotes For Couples

“As soon as i saw you, i knew you would be an adventure of a life time. “ – Winne the Pooh

“Date someone who is a home and an adventure all at once. “

travel quotes for couples

“i’d love to travel the world with you by my side. “

“Never go on trips without anyone you do not love. “ – Ernest hemingway

“In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. “ – Charles

“I would like to travel the world with you twice, once to see the world. Twice, to see the way you see the world. “ – Anonymous J


Mark Twain Quotes Travel

Here’s a selection of travel quotes. Each of these quotes causes a storm of emotions, each verified by personal experience, each – not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. And here is my opinion about travel and life: life is movement. As soon as the movement ends, the stormy river of life turns into a swamp.

mark twain quotes travel

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. “ – Lao Tzu

“The true purpose of your trip is not a place on the map, but a new outlook on life. “ – Henry Miller

“When you reach the top, continue climbing. “ – D. Kerouac

“It’s not necessary to live. Traveling is a must. “ – W. Burrows

“Attachment to things and comfort is the main obstacle to an interesting life. People, as a rule, do not realize that at any moment they can throw anything from their life. Anytime. Instantly. “ – C. Castaneda

“When traveling, do not concentrate on yourself, carefully listen to others and look around with curiosity. As long as a person feels that the most important and significant phenomenon in the world is his person, he will never be able to truly feel the world around him. Like a blinkered horse, he sees nothing in him but himself. “ – C. Castaneda


Family Travel Quotes

“It’s a time the family should be together, and get together and spend time. Pray to Allah, just be a family.

“Everyday we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. “

family trip quotes

“A family that travels together, stays together. “

“There is no more beautiful sight in all this world than to see a family praying together. “

“Our time together is just never quite enough. “

“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us. “