Things To Do In Valdosta GA

Valdosta is a city in Lowndes’s country of southern Georgia.  The population of Valdosta is around 57,000, is a small city but attracts so many tourists and travelers towards it. The fascinating thing about this city is the blooming bushes that grow all around the town. Valdosta is also known as Azalea City.

The city also hosts different festivals in March every year, known as Azalean event. Valdosta high schools and universities participate in these events with their sports teams and famously known for its winning spree game nationwide. Valdosta also provides tourists with thrilling coaster rides and water activities. 

This beautiful city offers travelers Incomparable hospitality for all age groups and sizes.  You can explore different activities to do, That is all based upon their four nationally registered historic spots, apparel, arts electric shops and exhibitions, and mouthwatering bars or cafeterias.

This adventure park is all in one park, consisting of water parks and animal parks. This spot is the most affordable place in the U.S. It is a must visited site to spend your quality time of vacation over here and take a break from your routine life activities.

Their splash island waterpark came under one of the top 30 lists in U.S.A, news and reports in water world activities. Consist of around 20,000 square feet splash, which has famous for both thrill or excitements and a place for a chill seeker.

Attracting people of all ages with their paradise river and shades in the lounges. And for the little kids, ohana bay has there to play and spend their time with some other kids.

Wild Adventure Theme Park

You can also reserve their tropical oasis to explore a VIP waterpark experience and spend private time with your partner and family. Wild adventure theme park offers its customers more than 30 different rides and slides. Some of them are Aviator rides, blazer blast off, Bonzai pipelines catch a wave Bay, boomerang coaster, century wheel, flying falcon or gators, crunch’s caboose, Hakini rapids, and so many others.

2. Grand Bay Wetland Education Center

This beautiful place is especially for those who love to explore and like nature. Climbing at the top of the tower and exploring the surrounding areas has an exciting thing to do here.

There are two main points to access to this beautiful place: check station or education center on academy road of the knight, and other federal entrance lands HWY .221, the U.S. here you can’t take motorbikes or ATV’S.

Grand bay wetland offers tourists hunting activities for deer’s, small game, fishing, waterfowl, and turkey. This place is suitable for all ages; you can also hang out with friends or family here. The grand bay wetland provides its customers with parking facilities with free parking, provides picnic shelters, and self-guided tours.

From the Grand bay wetland education center, you can learn and explore more about wetland habitats and guided about the Wetland management areas.

Photo by: Christen Hyde Source: Facebook

3. Valdosta Wake Compound

Experiences a new type of water sports in Valdosta Wake Compound. It is started in 2011 and quickly expanded into 30 acres of land containing custom-developed ponds and a six-tower, full-sized cable system.

The crews of Valdosta Wake Compound have been riding, building, and working to understand how to feature the best and the safest progression. They started off building terminologies winch spots around Valdosta’s creeks along with frequent weekend getaways to the Gravity Research Compound in Eastman, Georgia.

Through all the efforts of builds, hits, and misses. They develop a single and common goal of forming the first cable park in Georgia, but one of the first cable parks, which has entirely designed, developed, built on their citizen and operator’s funds by riders by the rider.

Valdosta Wake Compound

So, if you are practicing for a ride or want to take in the atmosphere and layout by the lake, the Compound is just the place to make it happen. The facilities provided by the community of Valdosta Wake Compound are Free Parking, Equipment Rentals Available, Gift Shop, Picnic Area, Public Restrooms, and Rentals Available.

4. Lowndes County Historical Society And Museum

Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum

The Lowndes County of Historical Society and Museum covers around 10000 square feet. It had established in 1967. When the peoples enter there, they feel themselves in the old ages of Valdosta. People are encouraged to take their time to look at photographs and documents from the past to the present. This Museum has built in a way that it makes the crowd attractive towards each end.

A train caboose, a belfry, cane grinding, and agricultural items, an old-fashioned log transport cart, a pioneer cabin, and historical garden plants are the old outdoor display that makes curiosity in the people visit into the Museum.

It is one of the most acceptable school activities for the children, and almost 2000 children visit Valdosta Museum each year. The number of people that visit this Museum is around 6000 people.

Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum is the main point of important meetings and gatherings.

The Lowndes County Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the rich history of Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia. The facilities which are provided by this Museum are Free Parking, Parking on Site, Public Restrooms, and Self-guided Tours.

5. Miss Kate's Tours

Food is the only language that doesn’t speak and makes you feel delicious. In other words, food is life, and Miss Kate is your food ambassador that makes your trip more adventurous because when you taste delighted full meals regularly before the trip, you will enjoy the double. These tours have been designed to connect hungry minds and stomachs with Valdosta’s best foods and libations.

When you are in Valdosta, you have the chance to collect all the gems of your life by their fantastic taste of food, their culture, and rich history.

 It is one of the most humble requests to all of the visitors to join Miss Kate’s tour to make your trip more tasty and delightful.

Miss Kate's Tours
Credit: Miss Kate's Tours

It’s an adventure combining food and drink with history and culture. Don’t miss your walking shoes because there are many food stalls and food streets, so it is better to walk there and taste every booth.

There is a wide range of offers of Miss Kate’s Tours, including day tours, evening tours, wine tours, private tours, cooking classes, and many more.

6. South Georgia Pecan Company

The Business of South Georgia Pecan Company could not profit from their business in 1913, so they expanded into four pecan plants located within a one-and-a-half-mile radius in Valdosta. They also sell an assortment of delicious gourmet gift items. It has located in downtown Valdosta.

Every plant works differently, including cleaning in-shell pecans, shelling pecans, packaging, and grinding. People can stop in and purchase nuts and other items from the gift shop during their visit to Azalea City.

Pecans are types of tree nuts. They have been associated with many potential health benefits, including improved blood sugar control, heart health, and brain function. South Georgia Pecan Company is the home for the lovers of pecans. They provide you with all the size and variety of pecans.

South Georgia Pecan Company
Credit: South Georgia Pecan Company

7. Hampton Inn and Suites Valdosta Conference Center

Hampton Inn and Suites Valdosta Conference Center is located just after the Rainwater Conference Centre and near Valdosta State University and Moody Air Force Base. Hampton believes your satisfaction is the most important thing – and it’s our best way to show you we appreciate your business.

Hampton provides you a 100% attractive guarantee, including free breakfast to make your morning the best and an evening reception with your family. And gets the chance to make friends there, free high-speed internet to enjoy social media activity too, a professional business center, fitness center to maintain your health, and a relaxing pool.

Valdosta State University, Moody Air Force Base, and Wild Adventures are just a few of our neighbor attractions.

Working hours of this Conference Centre are:

Monday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Tuesday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Wednesday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Thursday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Friday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Saturday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Sunday: 12:00am – 12:00am

Some other facilities provided by the Hampton Inn and Suites Valdosta Conference Center includes Free Parking, Complimentary Breakfast, Exercise Room/Fitness Center, Full-Service Business Center, Meeting Space Available, Outdoor Pool, Restaurants Nearby.

8. The Crescent At Valdosta Garden Center

8. The Crescent At Valdosta Garden Center
Credit: The Crescent At Valdosta Garden Center

Established in 1898 by Col. William. He built this place for his family in a neoclassical, crescent shape front porchway and 23 rooms. The crescent has a landmark of the historic site in the National Register.

Later on, in 1951, this place becomes a home for all the Garden Clubs in Valdosta. Because of the three ladies that came forward and saved this place from the demolition of the West former home.

For more than 100 years, the crescent has been a national treasure of Valdosta, Georgia. Now this beautiful place is owned and operated by the Garden Center of Valdosta. This place is best for all age groups with a family-friendly environment.

This place is a venue for Family Reunions, Wedding, Receptions, particular historical events, club meetings, and business meetings. Moreover, other events held there every year, for instance, flower show and antique sales.

For weddings and receptions, this place has been considered the best spot in Valdosta. Gardens here have a little chapel thought of as the best part for the perfect wedding venue.

9. Annette Howell Turner Center For The Arts

Locates at 527 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA. It is a regional community art center since 2003. Annette Howell galleries are always open to the public. The exhibition held here has always changed after a few months so that people can’t be bored and sees something new all the time.

The best part of this art center is that they always give their success credit to visitors. They say that because of our friends (visitors), this art gallery becomes one of the most treasured assets in South Georgia.

This Tuner Center, visualize the work of six different exhibition space of the visual artist. One display which is very famous for their permanent East African Art portraits and collection. And another one is permanent for their display of Fine European Porcelain.

Annette Howell Turner has open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm and Friday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Sunday and Monday, this tuner is closed. And for those who want guiders for tours, there is an appointment-based system for them to appoint. Various classes, events, and concerts are held in this Turner as well. 

You can also avail of free admission and parking facilities. You can also find gift shops and various payment modes accepted here, like American Express, VISA, discover, and Mater cards.

10. Freedom Park

This spot is for outdoor lovers. Comprised on a 250 acres space park near Moody Air Force area. With so many opportunities for outdoor lovers. You can explore eight different baseball spots and restrooms, picnic areas, soccer fields, golf spots, a walking trail at the edges of the park, a hiking trail, and a playing area.

 Also provides rental facilities for those who want to do events in a large space while having fun and enjoying beautiful green landscapes. It is the best place to spend your vacations and keep yourself away from nature and city worries. Enjoy your day at their picnic spots to enjoy the town’s fantastic weather with friends and family.

Freedom Park

Tourists can also bring pets with them with a separate section of large and small breed canines. This park area is well maintained and clean to stay and relax your mind in its tranquil environment.

 Different tournaments occur every year in this park, including various baseball games, a 20 hole disc golf, and softball, and an Olympic regional tournament every spring.


Valdosta is known as Azalea City, Winnersville and ESPN’S title town. This city of Georgia offers tourist with various adventurist activities for instance, exciting roller coasters, rides, family oriented water parks, animals all around the world and under the sea and so many other thing which you can do to make your trip an excited one.

The temperate in this city has recorded as moderately hot and long in summers and short, cold in winters, and whole year it is partly cloudy and wet. To visit and explore Valdosta October, April and November are considered as the most suitable months and July and august are considered as the least comfortable months.