Useful Tips That Prepare You For CHADAR TREK.

Useful Tips That Prepare You For CHADAR TREK

Useful Tips That Prepare You For CHADAR TREK.

Chadar trek is the wildest and glamorous trek in the Himalayas. Wildest because it will give you a thrilling experience and glamourous because the beauty of the mighty Himalayas will feast your eyes.

A walk on a frozen river will leave you breathless. Zanskar River which is in Leh, Ladakh is the main highlight of the trek. Apart from climbing and trekking in the region where the temperature drops down in negatives, Chadar Trek offers an excellent opportunity to explore the Ladakhi and Zanskari culture. With frozen waterfalls, rock formations, forests of rhododendrons & pines, Himalayan flora and fauna, and lots of adventure.

Chadar is not an easy trek it requires preparation and a lot of hard work. If you’re planning to undertake this wildest thrill then,

Here, are some useful tips and things that will prepare you well for Chadar Trek:

  • What to wear or How to Dress for Chadar?

Walking in the sub-zero temperature is not easy. Pack smart and wear layers of clothes.

Like for Top, cover yourself with the layers of thermal, full sleeves tee, woolen sweater, jacket, and windcheater.

For Bottom, wear thermal, woolen inner, and waterproof trekking pants.

For palms, wear woolen gloves or fleece gloves. Cover your feet with sports socks, woolen socks. You will easily find and rent gumboots in the local market of  Leh for just 300-400 rupees.

Cover your face with a woolen cap and balaclava buff.

  • Acclimatization and Fitness

Acclimatization: Chadar is an alpine high altitude trek that requires acclimatization before 2 days of the trek. After reaching Leh, give proper rest to your body and avoid heaters in the room of  Leh.  eat and drink hot soups and liquids during the trekking days and make your body temperature neutral.

The climate changes very frequently during the trek so, prepare yourself for facing frozen winters and snow. Take adequate breaks during the trek to keep yourself acclimatized.


Physical fitness is a very important factor for Chadar Trek.  Your body should be able to bear the cold weather conditions and should climb higher altitudes without having fatigue frequently.  Do exercise and yoga regularly several weeks before the trek. And make your lungs stronger for higher altitudes where oxygen is very less. Build strength and stamina by exercising daily, it will help you to travel trek properly.

Apart from Physical Fitness, one should also be mentally strong and fit. If you have a positive mental attitude, then you can conquer anything in this world. Chadar Trek is a thrilling yet heart-pumping adventure that demands a person should be mentally prepared for the pros and cons of it. Mental fitness includes preparing yourself for the adventure and not panic in any natural or unnatural situation and get motivated all the time.

  • Important Things To Carry

some more tips that prepare you for chadar trek .List of important things that you should carry when planning for the Frozen River adventure:

  • Sleeping bags:  There are no places or people who provide tents and sleeping bags during the trek, so it is better to carry one along with you. Chadar trek is a long trek, you need to stay up in the mountains for more than 10 days.
  • Fleece jacket: For beating the cold on Chadar Trek, it is important to have a good quality of the jacket. Fleece jackets are made of synthetic polyester wool,  and its thermal insulation can hold warmth for a longer time.
  • Flashlights & torches: Carry Flashlights and torches with you not on Chadar trek but on every trek with you.  There are no lights and electricity in the mountains, and to keep trekking at night carry flashlights.
  • Extra batteries: Always carry extra batteries like a power bank to charge your mobile phone or camera batteries.
  • Water purifying tablets: The main thing in your bag should be the water purifying tablets. With no doubt, the water which flows in the rivers and streams comes from the mighty Himalayas and it is totally pure.  But it is important to take purification tablets to stay away from any waterborne disease or gastric problem.
  • Rucksack Rain cover:  The weather up there is unpredictable and you might face rains during the trek. It is better to carry a raincoat for you and rain cover for the bag.
  • First  Aid Kit: Mountain sickness, Bruises, and cuts are very common while trekking. So, it is always advised to carry a small first aid kit with you.
  • Eatables: Carry eatables like Chocolate, biscuits, energy bars, etc. with you.
  • Water bottle: A water bottle or thermos flask is very important to keep with you. A bottle of  5-8 liters should be with you while trekking.
  • Sunscreen, Lip balm: Due to winters, your lips get chapped, keep a lip balm with, and keep your lips moisturized. The sun will not be harsh during the trek but if you want to carry sunscreen then you can.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses or trekking glasses are important to carry during the trek. It will keep you covered and safe.
  • Spare Clothes: It will be good to carry spare clothes with you. In case of any emergency, like rains or moisture in the clothes or you are feeling cold then, you can change your clothes.
  • Extra pair of socks: Due to the cold weather, your socks can be moist and harm you by making you fall sick. Carry an extra pair of socks and change when you feel wet in your feet.
  • Trekking pole: Trekking pole or walking stick is an important trekking gear to trek on high altitudes. It will help you in walking, climbing on the trek. You can easily get it from Leh on rent or can buy it.
  • Gumboots: No hiking or trekking shoes. Only Gumboots for snow or Chadar Trek. The boots make it easy to walk on snow or ice. You can buy them or rent them from Leh.
  • Leave no trace: Always follow the leave no trace wherever you trek. Do not litter and keep the natural surroundings clean.

These all are the important points that will help you be prepared for the Frozen River adventure.

Experience of Chadar Trek is something that you remember all your life!!

Live. Travel. Explore!!